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Wireless Communication Components


This film antenna receives the terrestrial digital broadcast signal.
Antenna unit can be mounted on the glass window of the car with ease, and has a built-in amplifier. Mounting the unit on glass helps secure stable functioning and simplify wiring installation.



  1. High gain : 14dBi *All frequency average gain
  2. Small size : Antenna film: 9.6 (W) 77.8 (D) mm
                      Amplifier: 11 (W) 37 (D) 7 (H) mm
  3. Cable length : 5m (standard) *Shape of connector can be customized.
  4. Power supply voltage : 5 or 8V

*Parameters: Attached to GND board (70 70mm)
*Parameters: Attached to GND board (70 70mm, cable length 5m)


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